The Old Bath Arms are
proud supporters and sponsors of
Frome Boxing and Fitness club

LOCAL Frome boxer, Ryan Wheeler (above Right) and owner of The Old Bath Arms, Richard Findlay (above left) , have joined forces in a bid to help children get active and be healthy.

The initiative grew from Richard’s own quest to become more fit. He explained, “Going to an unscheduled gym or training club didn’t work for me, I kept making excuses. I then found out that Ryan did one-to-one training. “I said to him, ‘I’m looking for a big challenge in 2018 health  wise, and I was thinking a run in the park or maybe losing another 10kg or playing a rugby match.’ Next thing, young Ryan suggests I join Frome’s Fight Club, a group of inexperienced boxers who train to participate in a fight, with the next being on the 6th of April 2018.  “I had to think about it, I was 50 years old and my lack of experience was a bit daunting, but I finally agreed.

The Old Bath Arms - Richard Findlay

Richard Findlay of The Old Bath Arms

I then started training with Ryan and really enjoyed it. “I am so impressed with Ryan, I was sat on an exercise bike in the gym, warming up, and he was just finishing with a children’s class. I had no idea he did children’s classes. He had all these little kids running around with boxing gloves training, exercising and getting fit. The best thing was that they were happy!  That’s quite intriguing, someone who takes the time out to train kids and get kids fit out of school. I looked at this and thought, why don’t more people know about it.”

Based at Trainstation Gym, Ryan runs six classes a week including adult boxing, fitness, ladies only classes, boxing technique, children’s light sparring and more, for everyone aged 6 and over. Ryan said, “What I do is all about encouraging people to stay active. Some have never even exercised before, so I provide classes to suit everyone. “It even helps with children’s behaviour as discipline is a huge part of boxing. Keeping them focused and active really makes a difference to children’s lives. I think me being a role model is key. If I can inspire a few kids to follow my footsteps, not necessarily in boxing, but to play football or rugby, it’s a massive achievement for me. “Sometimes you come here and see the smiles on the children’s faces walking out and it’s incredible. If I could afford to, I would do it for free.”

Richard was so inspired by Ryan’s zeal in promoting the importance of exercise for children, that he has now introduced a children’s healthy food menu at The Old Bath Arms. He also wants to raise money for Frome Boxing Academy Juniors to encourage youngsters to join and get fit.

As part of his own journey of getting fit, Richard was entered into the ring as part of a charity boxing match on Friday 6th April at the Cheese and Grain in Frome.  Half of the money £1600  raised from the match  went to Ryan’s fitness classes to help children get an interest in becoming active and healthier. The other half went towards the work of the charity ‘Children With Cancer’. Ryan has chosen this charity as he was diagnosed with cancer in his youth.


The Old Bath Arms Frome - Frome Boxing and Fitness Sponsor

Ryan Wheeler is presented with a cheque for £800 by Richard Findlay

If you are interested in the Frome Boxing and Fitness club
you can contact Ryan on 07518 866425.